Challenging the status quo

Our Story

We are a diverse team of collaborators from different fields that want to make a real impact. Believing that things can always be done better, smarter and more efficiently, we help our clients solve real-life problems through innovation, research and design. Although design plays a role in what we do, we’re not a design company. We’re a boutique R&D studio and our comprehensive service supports our clients throughout their transformation journey.

Who We Are

Our purpose is to shake things up and to disrupt mature industries that are in desperate need of innovation. From redesigning products, supply chains, distribution models and more, our solutions have the potential to transform industries end-to-end and thereby we have the opportunity to make things better for the everyday consumer.

What We Do

From research, creating prototypes and remodelling processes to testing and assessing feasibility and finding the necessary funding to make the proposed innovation a reality, R&D is our passion and focus. Although we bring genuine solutions to real everyday problems, profitability remains at the core of our solutions.

Why We Love It

There are no limits to the impact we can make. Through our flexible and dynamic setup, we work with clients across all industries - no matter how big or complex the task at hand. This makes our work incredibly diverse and interesting. Working as a team, we’re constantly learning new things and expanding our horizons.

Need Our Services?

Genuine solutions to everyday problems

Our Philosophy

Our comprehensive service supports clients throughout their transformation journey. Innovation is our passion. However, we know feasibility is key for our ideas to see the light of day. Thus profitability remains at the core of our solutions. This is achieved through our unique approach, which moves through three main phases.


Applying our outsider’s perspective, we will look at the situation from all angles, especially through real-life experiences. For example, if the challenge is product innovation, we will take the product and put it through its paces, so we can identify opportunities for innovation. Based on this, we will start to formulate a range of possible solutions.

Research & Business Case Preparation

After having conceptualized initial ideas, we need to assess their feasibility. This is done by researching possible technical solutions, such as alternative ways of construction and production, as well as optimizations of existing supply chain and distribution models. In addition, we conduct feasibility studies, looking at different competitors and markets.

Throughout this process, we carefully weigh the benefits of each proposed solution in relation to possible risks to understand which idea is the most feasible and sustainable in the long-term. Through this process of elimination, we thus determine which concept we should move forward with.


Now that the most feasible solution has been identified, we can proceed to the final phase – the Development phase. This is probably the most exciting time of every project, as we get to see our ideas take form. This will typically involve three steps, including developing the prototype, testing this prototype, as well as actual fundraising to put it into production and finally bring it to market.

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Doing things differently

Our Team

Our setup is unique. We’re a small team – and that’s because we can be. We like to keep things dynamic and flexible. When we need to complement our existing skills with more specialist expertise in certain fields, such as Engineering, Marketing, Law, Design etc., we bring on board the experts needed to succeed. This is what enables us to work across industries.

At the heart of it all is teamwork and collaboration. As a team of collaborators, we’re passionate about driving change and we have fun doing it. We don’t just look at a piece of the puzzle, when trying to find solutions. Instead, we look at the whole spectrum and we love learning from each other as we solve real-life challenges with better solutions. Ultimately, that’s what motivates us.